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History & development of Fishstock Brixham

"We have raised over £65,000 for the Fishermen's Mission over the 7 previous events" 

Fishstock Brixham was conceived as a fund-raising event in 2007 by an enthusiastic group of people who are passionate about the Fishermen’s Mission and its good works in Brixham.  These volunteers know that the Mission could not function without support and fund-raising at local level as well as nationally.

Each member of the team is also passionate about the maritime and cultural heritage of the fishing industry that has dominated the fortunes of this Torbay town and surrounding regions for decades, if not centuries.

The team believes that Brixham’s fishing industry has not been given due prominence and recognition for its place at the forefront of maritime history in the region, indeed in the country.

The team rose to a challenge, to tackle perceptions about fishing and seafood in the national psyche. In doing so the organisers have taken on board the many issues of the marine environment protection, social and economic fragility, tourism, cultural heritage, education, young school leavers and fish-related employment opportunities.

The team has built liaisons with schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants, the fishermen, down-stream businesses, artists, musicians, local, regional and national politicians to gain the widest possible engagement with stakeholders.

The team are acutely aware of the need to get across the right messages to the general public as potential “consumers” of seafood. In the course of preparing each Fishstock Brixham event they gather a huge amount of information with which to inform its supporters and the paying customers.

They innovate each year with novelty, imagination and flair to capture their audience and enthrall those who seek to be educated while being entertained. If one aspect does not grab attention, another will.

"Fishstock Brixham is a celebration of local seafood, food, drink, music and the arts"

Fishstock Brixham has

1) buy-in from the fishermen and fish workers

2) engagement from Tourism partners

3) local government backing

4) addressed environmental concerns

5) multi-facets to engage fully its target audience

6) dispelled myths about handling, preparing, cooking and enjoying seafood in seconds

7) championed sustainably caught fish, served with locally sourced vegetable and beverage products

8) improved long-held perceptions of the fishing industry and its products

9) highlighted the myriad aspects of the trade from “boat to throat”

10) educated students from Primary to Tertiary in a variety of entertaining ways about all aspects of industry and its long proud heritage

11) raised vital funds for the Fishermen’s Mission whose work is done amongst the fishermen working and retired, their widows and orphans.

12) enthused a corps of volunteers who give their time and energy not only on the day, but now throughout the year with spin-off events such as Coffee mornings and the Fund-raising Cruises on “Fairmile”.

"Fishstock Brixham has a growing audience. 
In 2015 we welcomed over 4,400 adults, many of whom brought their young family members to enjoy the fun"

As a vehicle for sponsors, there are few better in Torbay. Opportunities include sponsoring aspects of the event, such as the Theatre Kitchens, the Music Stages, the boats on show, the maritime heritage display areas, food & drink areas, arts and crafts areas, children's area and marine business display areas.